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Show me

I have always been older than them all
Those boys with their electronic ears
And tent-like jeans

When they would look through me
I'd feel quite low and desperate
And I turned, with a girl dog's venom, mean

Yet the dark in which I live in
The dark of which I love
Has left me a shadow play, a helpful dream

Crushes never come easy to me
Berries withstand my mallet, my weak
Arm has no use for the shallow, the scene

My love is gargantuan, fiendish in intensity
Not worthy of a silly boy, mad with video games and wearing tent-like jeans

I've cried for the unknown yet I can only love a man in full. Full of fire and ice, lemon sesame chocolat and burnt rum cream

Goodbye to whoever, knowing much is nice
I don't regret anymore, I'm happy, for life,
I plan to subtly primp and preen

The dark in which I live in
That dark, oh how I truly love
Has shown me luscious dreams

To save for a man who comes my way
With glorious eyes and entrails
Who knows what 'love', and 'man', means

This poem is dedicated to Nikki C, someone who I consider a friend and the only person other than my father I've ever really opened up to. I'm sure you know what this poem is about. *winks*. Thank you for listening and helping me realize so much. Your the best. :)

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